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For the best OE quality Alternator and Starter restoration services

​Call or email Paul Jacobs to get on his restoration schedule:

812-305-6876 / moparnut@twc.com

Dixie Restorations alternator restoration services will include the following:

Alternators are carefully inspected and meticulously cleaned to make sure there are no missing parts or case cracks/scaring that may prevent an acceptable finished product. You will be notified immediately if any significant problem is uncovered.

The alternator is disassembled and the small parts, which can be reused, are sent to the platers or restored in-house.
The alternator shells are carefully cleaned using a proprietary method, which very closely duplicates the original OEM fresh cast aluminum. Absolutely no detail is lost from the original casting and often after cleaning, previously hard to read stampings are improved because of the cleaning method used.

Unless the customer specifies otherwise, the stator and rotor are stripped, cleaned, and refinished with a coating that closely duplicates the original tinted electrical varnish.

The original pulley is carefully cleaned and a semi-gloss paint is reapplied.

The alternator is then reassembled and original paint markings, if any, are reapplied.
The alternator is bench tested using OE test equipment to insure correct amperage output is obtained under typical electrical accessory loadings. 

We guarantee all of our restoration work for a full year.

Cost for the basic alternator restoration is $350.00. Cost for basic starter restoration is $300. 

These prices assume all hardware and parts are reusable. Any replacement parts would be extra. 

Does it make sense to settle for a parts store rebuild when Dixie Restorations can make your alternator its own showpiece?

Please contact Paul Jacobs for shipping instructions prior to shipping your alternator for this service.

Please do not send your cores without contacting us first! 

Please Note: Include your contact name, address and phone number on paperwork inside the box you ship your parts in. Also, the box needs to be sturdy enough to carry a 15 lb metal rock rolling around inside of it which is trying to bust out. This means packing the box with cardboard or heavy paper (foam peanuts do not work well for this type of heavy item). Package it well so it doesn't get damaged...the weight of the item coupled with the brittleness of the aluminum work against it in shipping so please pack it like you mean it.